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We offer a range of lesson types designed to suit the needs of different potential drivers.

You may need a fast access course for a specific need or you may want a more relaxed introduction if you are new to driving.

Whatever your need we have the course to suit you.

Vehicle familiarisation included

For those new to motor vehicles, all of our lessons and packages include an under bonnet familiarisation session. You will find this particularly useful in your future driving career from a safety point of view and it may also save you money on service and garage fees when you own your own car. Shirley Driving School make sure you're fully equiped for all eventualities.

Driving Standard Assessment

We recommend you take our 2 hour initial assessment to help you decide which package is best for you. Your instructor will help you choose from...

  • Individual Lessons - to suit your free time
  • The Starter pack - to build your confidence quickly
  • Experienced driver pack - for pupils returning to lessons
  • Intensive courses - for those in a hurry
  • ... or one of many other course types.

Please select one of the option below or the navigate the menu on the left for more information.

  • Assessment - To help you decide what's course is best for you
  • Packages - To suit your needs and save you money
  • Intensive Course - for people who need faster results
  • Pass Plus - To perfect your new skills and save you on insurance costs

or call Pat on 0797 477 8013 to discuss your best package