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What is Pass Plus?

The Pass Plus course is designed and structured to make new drivers more aware and become better drivers. The skills gained from this additional course have been recognised by many insurance companies, and some offer discounts to new drivers who have successfully completed these courses.

This course is designed by the Driving Standard's Agency and is supported by the Insurance Industry.

The Pass Plus scheme provides additional experience, re-enforcing your newly learnt  driving skills, providing improved  driving capability in a structured and controlled way that would otherwise take a long time to acquire.

The course consists of a minimum series of  6 one hour lessons covering the following subjects...

  • Introduction
  • All Weather Driving
  • Night Driving
  • Town Driving
  • Rural Driving Dual
  • Carriageway/Motorway Driving

Remember: There is no additional test to take after completing the Pass Plus course. You will be evaluated by your driving instructor, who when satisfied with your performance, will present the Pass Plus Certificate indicating your satisfactory completion.

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